Shock Your System

The Radical Internet Method
To Boost Your Productivity
While Taking Back Your Privacy

For Anyone
Who Is Sick Of The Internet
Not Really Helping Them
To Reach Their Goals:

A Transformational 6-Week-Coaching-Program

Enable Laser-Focus - Full Clarity

Have real focus for everything you do - by strategically removing yourself. The radical technology switch will give you full clarity by making a strategic change for your work environment.

Real Productivity

Being productive and reaching your goals has nothing to do with being more busy then you already are. In fact, it is removing all those things that just keep you busy without going anywhere.

Turn Technology Around

Avoid the trap of UNORGANIZED multiple devices robbing your time and energy. Stop doing things twice. Your restricted Workflow will enforce everything. Use Technology instead being used by it.

Fortified Online Privacy

Peace Of Mind against the ongoing Internet Privacy War against you. Find a practical way to use the Internet without being paranoid - while protecting your privacy the way you deserve it.

Semmy @

Being online since 1991 Semmy coached thousands of people in live seminars during the 90s when nobody even heard about the Internet back then.  As a published author and creative commercial writer he never lost his Enthusiasm for the Web.

Since 2019 he is offering his Shock Your System coaching program and helps people to claim back their privacy while boosting their productivity for work and life with a radical approach on how to limit yourself to the Internet.